Hi All,


Just after some advice, I'm thinking of doing a clean install of OS X when Mavericks comes out. I've been a Mac user for 13 years and have always used Migration Assistant to move my data over whenever I've bought a new Mac. I've never done a clean install before, but I've noticed over the years all the crap that's floating around my hard drive from old Mac's and various files from software I've removed years ago. I'm sure there's tons of rubbish that's accumulated over the 13 years.


Someone suggested clean installing OS X and then using Migration Assistant to load all my data back on from a Time Machine backup, but customise what I want to restore. I was told that if I don't choose to restore System Settings or something similar then it should just restore all my other stuff such as apps, files, itunes and iphoto library, etc. but would leave out all the rubbish. Is that the case?

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