iMac with Mountain Lion


After logging in with password, a window appears saying Messages Agent (sometimes it is OSX) wants to use the login_renamed_1 keychain Please enter the keychain password.


It is a little annoying having to re-enter the password after just having done it.


I noticed the problem after upgrading to Mountain Lion.


Then while attempting to get the auto login features of Keychain to work, with some success, most of my passwords in Keychain disappeared.

Recoved previous version of "login" using Time Machine now named "login_renamed_1" has all my passwords as before.


The keychain File menu indicates that the "login" is still the default keychain.

Strange that it is wanting the non-default keychain unlocked.

If I hit cancel instead fo entering the password a new window opens with a request from another program, then another and another until the keychain is unlocked.


Now copied all passwords to another manager so don't need "renamed_login_1" anymore.


Would I have any problems if I deleted the renamed keychain?

Would OSX and the other programs still go looking for it?


Should I try renaming renamed_login_1 to "login" and deleting the current "login"


What is the effect of ticking the box to clear the First Aid history?


The window requesting password appears again every hour or so.

I read someone suggested it is associated with iCloud.

Does iCloud need access to keychain and is there anyway of giving it access as required?



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