Prior to updating to iOS7 on my iPhone 5, when I purchased a song on any device (PC, iPad or iPhone) it would automatically show up in the purchased playlist on all three devices instantly.  After updating to iOS7, my iPhone made two different purchased playlists, both titled purchased.  The first is a carry over from when it was running the old software i.e. contains all my purchased music up to that point, which is a mirror of the iPad and PC (all good).  The second one seems to be only songs purchased on the iPhone after it was updated. 


My problem is the songs purchased on the iPhone only download on the iPhone, I have to plug in the iPad to my PC and sync my PC to download purchased songs done from the iPhone.  Also when I buy a song from the iPad it downloads to the PC instantly and goes to the purchased playlist on the iPad (all good), but on the iPhone it doesn't go to either purchased playlist-just strait to the music library. 


How do I make the iPhone the way it was before iOS7-only have one purchased playlist that is an automatic mirror of all my devices regardless of what device the item was purchased on?


Automatic downloads are enabled, and all devices are running iOS7 (yes both the iPad and iPhone) and iTunes is fully updated.  I didnt change any settings, the iPhone had a mind of its own. 

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