Okay so I recently synced my iPod and I've had a crap ton of problems.


When I synced it up, iTunes removed about 75 of my purchased songs from my iTunes.  Luckily, I was able to access them on my iPhone through the iTunes app.  When I had downloaded them I tried playing some songs, and the songs kept stopping in the middle and my phone would turn off briefly.  I decided to restore my iPhone to solve this.  I did that and got my iTunes backed up and now my phone works fine. 


Now, I am trying to sync my songs back on to my iPod, but about 9-12 songs in, iTunes reads "cancelling sync" out of no where and I can't listen to any of these songs. 


Like I said, I restored my iPhone already.  I also uninstalled and re-installed iTunes and that didn't work.  Lastly, I tried to erase the sync memor (I think that's what it called) but that didn't work either.  I'm just frustrated with this so any help would be hugely appreciated.


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