Ok so my ipod 5 is running ios 7.0.2, and for some reason now my battery is quickly draining from a 100% to 95%. Like I just charged it 30 mins ago and picked it up now to use it and already battery level is 95% as I used it for a few minutes.

I have all the battery killer settings off, such as background app refresh, notifications, Bluetooth, my brightness is the lowest setting, EVERYTHING, no SIRI, i always shut off running apps

Also, my ipod is getting warm while I am using it. like a noticible warmth. I have only had my ipod for a few months!

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME I DONT WANT MY IPOD TO DIE ALREADY!! I really need my ipod to take quick reference images for my art!


(also, idk why some sentences are highlighted white)

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