Hi all,  mid 2011 I bought my first IMAC which operated great until a couple of hours ago.


All of a sudden the screen started to flicker

I tried pushing the on/off button which did not help.

Then I pulled the plug out of the socket.

Put the computer back on.

I got a white screen with 5 pink bars and apple logo.

Then a white screen.

Nothing more.

Started the computers several times but no luck.


So, I called the shop where I bought it and just went there. Only thing they can do is send for repairments and reset the whole system.

And since my computerknowledge goes only so far I do not have a back up...And they can not get my files from the computer.


Therefore i was advised to go an Apple store, which I did. But I was told they also cannot help me with getting backups.


So my question is : how do i get an backup from this iMAC if I cannot get past a white screen with 5 pink bars?

And furthermore, how could this is happen?


Anyone any advice and ideas regarding this matter?


Thanks very much!

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